All demonstrations take place simultaneously on Tuesday October 2 between 17:30 and 18:30.

Tuesday October 2

Brelomate: A Multiscreen Communication and Gaming Platform to enhance Social Inclusion
Gernot Rottermanner, Peter Judmaier, Shadja El Aeraky, Christian Gradl, Sabine Sommer

Bridging the Uncanny Valley in Medical Training Mannequins
Truls Nygaard, Carlo Kriesi, Heikki Sjöman, Martin Steinert

Demo of a Smart Plant System as an Exemplary Smart Home Application Supporting Non-Urgent Notifications
Alexandra Voit, Marie Olivia Salm, Stefan Schneegass

Digital Body Language: Exploration of Corporal Expression in Digitally Mediated Written Communication
Tore Knudsen, Agnieszka Billewicz, Bianca Di Giovanni

Experiencing VOS: a Visual Orientation System
Francisco Kiss, Albrecht Schmidt, Paweł Woźniak